Gifts From Hashem by Rabbi Moshe Goldberger

Opening the mailbox to find a review copy of Gifts From Hashem, by Rabbi Moshe Goldberger, was such a joy!

cover gifts from Hashem


The sefer is now parked next to our dining room table for a daily session of it at dinner time.

We highly recommend you get a copy do the same.

This book is adapted from the classic, hard-to-find “Apple Book,” the sefer Speak in All His Wonders, which is based on the teachings of Harav Avigdor Miller.

The material has been revised and expanded. It is arranged in short daily lessons that are meant to help readers achieve joy through being aware of Hashem’s presence in the world. Each lesson — most are less than a full page — is followed by a thought for the day.

The sefer has six parts. The first explores the concept of bechinah. The second helps readers put it into practice by appreciating the wonders of the human body. The third turns its focus on Hashem’s amazing creations in the world around us. By this time, readers must be experienced  bechinah practitioners, so Part IV raises the stakes. It is about appreciating pain, suffering, poverty, etc. Part V addresses a gift from Hashem that many people hardly stop to dwell on: The gift of being Jewish.

Appreciating Gifts from Hashem Through the Morning Blessings

The last section of the book leads readers through the Morning Blessings in a way that may forever change how we recite them.  In fact, the publisher promises an upcoming booklet that will contain only this section of the sefer, for those who want to use it in their morning tefillah.

There’s also a classroom edition of Gifts From Hashem in the works, which is wonderful news.

As Rabbi Goldberger writes in the introduction, “Through bechinah, we learn how to see the world through the Torah’s eyes and how to appreciate Hashem’s gifts. We develop an ever-increasing happiness and love of Hashem.”

We couldn’t think of a better goal with which to start a new year.

Published by Simchas Hachaim (which is the official publisher of Harav Avigdor Miller’s books and lectures.)

We received a review copy of this sefer.