Lemonade Girls Forever by Sara Miriam Gross

Lemonade Girls Forever is a compilation of short stories by Sara Miriam Gross that originally appeared in Mishpacha Junior. These children’s stories follow a set of young characters through a variety of situations.

cover of lemonade girls forever by sara miriam gross
From the back cover:

When you’ve got lemons…

Chavi, Devorah, Shiffy, and Avigayil are the Lemonade Girls. They’re good friends who love to find creative solutions for problematic situations. Hopelessly lost on a hike? Most favorite nosh was stolen?

Well, when you’ve got lemons…make lemonade.

Follow along as these sixth graders open their very own gemach, almost ruin a fancy fund-raising dinner, try to win the Wacky-Snacky candy contest, and more.

Well-loved author Sara Miriam Gross has crafted a collection of upbeat adventures that are sure to entertain. Fans of her popular series in Mishpacha Junior as well as new readers will love both the classic and never-before-published tales of the fabulous foursome who refuse to let life’s setbacks get them down.

Lemonade, anyone?

It’s the Lemonade Girls…Forever!

Published by Menucha Publishers (2014)

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  1. I had heard about the book when it first came out, and being as i personally know the author i was eager to buy the book. Problem was I have boys, who, growing up in israel, dont read English, so i was happy when the opportunity arose and i needed to buy a present for my friends girls. They read the book from cover to cover and loved every page and every anecdote! They even said they’re going to reread it and that a lot of their friends want to borrow the book because they heard it’s really interesting.
    So, if your looking to buy a quality present for pre adolescant girls, this is definitely the way to go!!!

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