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It’s Time for The JWWS Writing Seminar!

JWWS, the Jerusalem Women’s Writers Seminar is the main frum writers’ event in Israel.  Each year, it attracts hundreds of writers who meet to network, meet their favorite authors, publishers and acquisitions editors, and attend workshops to help them hone their skills.

If you’re attending and have a book you’d like to have us review, please bring a copy and find me at the conference. I’ll be wearing my name tag!

JWWS Jerusalem writers conference poster

This year, I’ll also be presenting a JWWS workshop:

What Writers and Editors Need to Know About Copyright

Do you own the rights to that article you wrote? Do you know what you are giving up when you sign that publishing contract for your first novel? What’s a “work for hire”? Do you need to register your copyright? Answers to these questions and more…

Knowledge of copyright is critical for novelists, freelancers, editors, and publishers. Whether you’re an established author, a magazine editor or just starting out in self-publishing, this workshop is an opportunity to update your copyright IQ.

We’ll cover the basics of copyright laws, print versus the web, the public domain, what to cover in writers’ contracts, what freelancers need to know, and the major pitfalls editors need to watch out for when accepting work for publication.

To register for JWWS, click here.

Looking forward to meeting many of you there!