Welcome to Frum Jewish Books!

Welcome to Frum Jewish Books, where soon, iy”H, you will be able to find reviews of the latest bestsellers from all the major frum Jewish publishers, enjoy interviews with your favorite authors – and win free books!

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We can’t wait to talk books with you!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Frum Jewish Books!”

  1. Just wondering what criteria would put a book in the category of frum? (haskamos, content, the author is frum?), and what would be categorically rejected from your website. Just curious

    1. A good question, Chaya Sarah. For now, we’re going by a combination of the honor system and our own judgement. Novels published by recognized “frum” publishers, and for a self-published book, we’ll take a look to see if we feel it’s appropriate for a frum audience and want it on our site. I think readers will make their own decisions based on who published a book and who the author is.

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